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Citizens 4 Change is a UK registered social enterprise. We partner with funders, NGOs, faith-based organisations and community groups across East Africa to resolve the problem of violence against children from the ground up. 


Our team is led by Dr Kate McAlpine who has over 25 years experience as an advocate, service provider, researcher and strategist in child protection in Tanzania and Uganda. C4C uses research, tech for good, and group facilitation to


  • Generate behavioural intelligence from communities that are on the digital margins - Partners & Projects

  • Co-create with them replicable and scalable solutions to violence - Services

  • Build an evidence base about the beliefs and behaviours of people who are doing the right thing to prevent and respond to violence against children - Research Library

Currently, C4C has identified over 19,000 Child Protectors; embarked on 8 partnerships in Tanzania and one in Uganda; and developed a model of social listening and engagement to resolve the problem of violence in schools and communities in Tanzania.  

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