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From our work on the ground in East African communities, we know that violence against children is widespread. We also know that there are thousands of people who want to change this. Motivated by their Ujasiri mindset, these citizens can be a powerful force for good when mobilised to prevent and respond to violence against children. 


At Citizens 4 Change, we have made it our mission to identify and foster this ever-growing, critical mass of Citizen Child Protectors. We are inspired by these individuals who feel an urgency for change, which is why we work hard to encourage, empower and learn from their efforts to do the right thing.  

To date, we have supported over 19,000 Citizen Child Protectors to take action to protect more children. Despite this, the circle of care around many children remains precarious. With your support we can widen our decentralised network of Citizen Child Protectors, which will have a profound impact on the number of children protected from violence. 

To help us create safe and inclusive communities for children across East Africa, please sponsor a Citizen Child Protector for £120. Your investment would enable us to empower and encourage young changemakers across East Africa, and equip them with the tools they need to champion child protection in their communities.

What’s more, your support would help us to work towards the following outcomes and social values:


19,500 children protected from harm.


Protective norms spread amongst 26,000 Citizen Child Protectors.


Progress towards achieving National Plans of Action to End Violence.


The wisdom of East African Citizen Child protectors would influence the thinking of 11 additional global End Violence Against Women and Children actors.

We therefore forecast a Social Return on Investment of £3 return on social impact from every £1 invested in Citizens 4 Change.

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